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Hign - End Accounting software is an application software that records & processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance. It functions as an accounting information system.

Core modules

  • Accouts Receivable - where the company enters money received
  • Accounts Payable - where the company enters its bills and pays money it owes
  • General ledger - the company's "books"
  • Billing - where the company produces invoices to clients/customers
  • Stock Inventory - where the company keeps control of its inventory
  • Purchase Order - where the company orders inventory
  • Sales Order - where the company records customer orders for the supply of inventory
  • Bookkeeping - where the company records collection and payment

non-core modules

  • Debit Collection - where the company tracks attempts to collect overdue bills (sometimes part of accounts receivable)
  • Electronic payment - processing
  • Expense - where employee business-related expenses are entered
  • Inquiries - where the company looks up information on screen without any edits or additions
  • Payroll - where the company tracks salary, wages, and related taxes
  • Reports - where the company prints out data
  • TimeSheet - where professionals record time worked so that it can be billed to clients
  • Purchase Requisition - where requests for purchase orders are made, approved and tracked

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