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DEO-KIN domain expertise in the field Indirect Taxation, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Material Planning, Supply Chain Management is just an example of joy in providing our software solutions. DEO-KIN has never stepped back in facing challenges; we have always accomplished our goals.

DEO-KIN expertise in custom software development, turn-key projects, business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, maintenance, re-engineering, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing is boon to all our clients.

At DEO-KIN we call ourselves “TECHNOHOLICS” - “Workaholics driven by technologySM” whose in-depth knowledge, strength and expertise lies in its dedicated team. Our skill set fulfil the client's requirement; be it C or .net technology, DBMS or RDBMS system, networking to Server Management, a Financeic web site to e-commerce portal; a power point presentation or powerful multimedia presentation, we will deliver it,that is our commitment.

Highlights of our Services:
   High-end Software Products
   BIZHive™ ERP Solutions
   Microsoft Product Licensing – Windows, Office,SQL Server,
   Dynamics, Sharepoint, Exchangeand many more.
   Custom Software development    Complete Information Technology Infrastructure services
   Turn-key projects    Sales and Services of Computer, Laptops and peripherals
   Business and Technology Consulting    E-Mail services
   Software As A Services (SaaS – Cloud Services)    Web Services
   Software Systems integration    Content Management System
   Product Engineering    Data Mining
   Business Process Outsourcing    Man power(IT Related only) outsourcing

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