X-ise, the Central Excise Software takes care of all the statutory registers and returns required under the Central Excise Rules. X-ise offers you comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records with option for simultaneous integration of the same with your accounting system.

Job work activities

  • Goods sent for job working
  • Goods directly sent from seller for job working
  • Scenarios of goods movement like, Goods further sent, Goods produced and kept, and finally job completed
  • Receipt of goods against challan or purchase invoice
  • Option to sell goods directly from job worker's place
  • Goods pending with job worker
  • Account of raw material sent for Job working (Annexure IV)
  • Job worker wise Annexure IV
  • Job worker wise production report
  • Other MIS reports

Generic inventory reports

(Many of the reports have multiple flavours like Product-wise, Date-wise, Location-wise)
  • Inward Register
  • Outward Register
  • Stock Ledger
  • Material InOut Register
  • Stock Level Status
  • Production Planning
  • Production Register
  • Consumption Register
  • Inter Stock Transfer
  • Avg. Rate of Inventory
  • Dead Stock Statement
  • Closing Stock Valuation
  • Dead Stock Statement
  • ABC Analysis

Registered dealers

  • Excise invoice raised by first and second stage registered dealers to pass on Cenvat credit. Option to print details of all items of the corresponding purchase document.
  • RG23 D - Per-forma of record of receipt of excisable/imported goods and issues thereof (option for location-wise maintenance)
  • Option to ignore unsold purchases
  • Option to suppress fully adjusted purchases
  • Option to consider period specific purchases

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